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Take your party to the next level with Party Hunt’s Unlimited Monthly Boost Pack. Increase your event’s visibility, attract a larger audience, and boost footfall. As Party Hunt’s marketplace, we’re here to elevate your event promotion game. Get ready to shine with the Unlimited Monthly Boost Pack.

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Instant Unlock & Publish

Instant Unlock & Publish means all upcoming parties will be immediately unlocked & published on Party Hunt mobile app and visible to all Party Hunt users

Unlimited Auto-Boosts

Publish Unlimited Auto-Boosts means you can publish any party/event that is music related and it's automatically boosted by our system

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing means all parties will be featured on Party Hunt Facebook page and Instagram stories on the event day and will post 2 reels per month

Customer Support

On-Demand Customer Support by the Party Hunt Team means we will manage new listings, party cancellations, timing changes, poster updates, description edits, or any other event modifications

Top Banner Showcase

Top Banner Showcase means your party will be featured on the top half of the Party Hunt-App home page

Targeted Notifications

Targeted Notifications use advanced AI algorithm to target nearby users to your venue and send them personal notification about your event